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Shorty and Teddy are my two cats Teddy she is 17 years old and Shorty he is 7 years old. They are both fixed. But Shorty still is trying to be the alpha male. Teddy wants nothing to do with him she doesn't even lift a paw when he smacks her. The whole thing started because Shorty wants to play with Teddy now and she wants nothing to do with him and will not play with him at all. Does anyone know what to do about this alpha male problem? He does not do this to my dog Skitters and he will not do it to Teddy when Skitters is around but he does it even if I am in the room. The room we use that for is the room Teddy has to be confined in cause of her age she is getting very seanile about the litter box and will go on the table if she is not confinded to that room. So why and how do I fix this? I guess I should also ask are there potty pads for cats with feramones like there are for older dogs who have this problem?

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Jun 18, 2010

time outs every time shorty goes for teddy. pick up shorty and stick him in a room or carrier for two minutes. let him out and try again. and again. and again. be consistent or he won't get the message, and if someone won't be home to regulate, put shorty in a room until someone is {w/a litter box, food, and water, of course}.

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