Q: What should I do about my cat knocking over his water bowl?

July 31, 2010 | By Melyssa G. | 7 answers | Expired: 1499 days ago

Melyssa G.

My cat decided, for whatever reason, that he likes to tip over his bowl completely. I have tried so many different bowls. I have used a large one that gets heavy when filled and somehow he knocked it over. I used a "double diner" thinking that the dimensions would keep him from knocking it over...that didn't work. I always change his water twice a day so I don't think he's doing it because the water is stagnant. I have put the bowl in the bathtub while it's not in use for the past couple of weeks to at least keep the water off the floor and down the drain instead but I'd prefer to keep it out of there. I am thinking about purchasing one of the water fountains since it seems he likes the idea of moving water. Any other suggestions?

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Aug 01, 2010

Have you tried the water bowls that come in a stand. Your cat shouldn't be able to knock over the entire stand unless he gets really rowdy. Make sure you get a sturdy stand with a wide base. My only other suggestion is a weighted flat-bottomed bowl, but it sounds like you've probably already tried that. I use a fountain. It won't tip over for sure, but my cats still play in it & sometimes get a little water on the floor. Nothing like a tipped over bowl though.

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daryl b.

Aug 05, 2010

there are also bowl that are wieghted on the bottom making it almost impossible to tip. try one of those good luck

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Aug 01, 2010

exactly ^

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