Q: What makes my cat have such an appetite?

September 2, 2009 | By Samantha | 2 answers | Expired: 1896 days ago

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One of my cats, Marble, has an extreme appetite. He is 15 now and i got him at 9 but I knew his previous owners and they said he has always been this way, although it may have gotten slightly worse in the past couple years but still he's always had an appetite. Not to mention he is VERY vocal about it. When he wants to eat, which is alot, he will "meow, meow, meow" for a while. He eats about twice a day but it would be more if he had it his way. Sometimes he will eat and 5 minutes later be meowing for more. I can't even go in the kitchen without him following me in there and meowing and getting under my feet. And when he does eat, he eats VERY fast.And when he's done he sometimes tries to push the other cats out of their dish and eat theirs. We've taken him to the vets before and they can't find anything wrong. I do love him very much and he's a well mannered and otherwise good cat.But Why does he have such a food obsession?

In response nto the first answer, I do know his previous owners very well, in fact they were my sister and ex-brother in law. Believe me, Marb NEVER went without. They are as big animal lovers as I am. Marb and his litter were left on my sister's doorstep as kittens, they gave all of them away except they kept Marb and loved him very much. The only reason they gave him to me is because they were moving somewhere where they couldn't have cats.So believe me thats not thye reason.

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Sep 04, 2009

Are you feeding him a good quality food that has a good amount of meat content and not alot
of grain.
That could be problem.

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Sep 03, 2009

what was his situation before his previous family? usually cats that have a tremendous appetite have at one point had to make it a point to eat everything in sight. the fact that he eats quickly, asks for more, and tries to steal from your other cats suggests to me that he hasn't always had reliable meals. it doesn't matter if they're full, cats that have had to fight for food can sometimes hold on to that feeling of not knowing when their next meal will be. even if it has been as many years as you say, your cat probably has developed a complex long before you met him, making food a much higher priority than most other cats would.
i don't know how to correct this, and if anyone does know, i would love to hear. one of my fosters is getting pretty heavy for the same reasons. all i can suggest is to keep an eye on his weight and keep doing what you're doing by feeding him only twice a day and keeping him out of the other cats food.

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