Q: what kind of cat do i have exacty

January 2, 2013 | By Anonymous | 1 answer | Expired: 1121 days ago

i know i ask before but mking sure is it nublong, long hair blue russian, norgiena forrest or what

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Jan 02, 2013

The breed standard for a Russian Blue is that it have a short coat, not a medium coat and not a long coat. Their coats have a distinctive silver-blue coloration. Eyes are a vivid dark bottle green. Paw pads are mauve or lavender in color. Head is wedge-shaped with wide-set eyes. A Nebelung has a medium-long coat, but they're very rare. They have a long neck, a long body, long legs, a pointy, wedge-shaped head, and their coats are silver-tipped. A Norwegian Forest cat has a water-resistant top coat and a wooly undercoat that is thicker at their head and legs. Their heads are triangular in shape. If you didn't buy your cat from a breeder odds are he is a grey domestic medium-hair...possibly long-hair, although his coat doesn't appear long enough to be called a long hair. The majority (up to 98-99%) of cats are mixed breeds. Mixed breed cats are called "domestics" and are further delineated with the descriptors of "short-haired," "medium-haired," and "long-haired." You can always have a DNA test done.

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