Q: What kind of behavior can I expect from my cat after a Perineal Uretrostomy?

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My poor cat had to have a perineal uretrostomy on Saturday evening. Today, Tuesday, I've finally brought him home and I feel completely inadequate. My nerves have been in knots since he went to the emergency vet Thursday.

Tonight he keeps going into the litter box like he wants to pee, he doesn't seem to be straining, but he'll just stand there for a minute and give up. He has made a bowel movement though.

Honestly, I'm starting to worry that I'm not able to pick up on the signs if he is straining to pee.

I've already called the emergency vet back, but I'm still just not sure. Please help!

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Sep 14, 2011

One risk associated with a uretrostomy is swelling or infection of the bladder which can cause straining to the point of the cat not being able to urinate.

Signs of straining can be pain, tension, or even the inability to go. When they do go, it may take much longer to start or get it all out, or it can even be in a stop & go and stop & go pattern. Sometimes you can see signs of straining on their face - they may get a very serious look or squint their eyes or even open their eyes wider, though they don't always show it this way. Another sign that sometimes occurs is tension in the rest of the body, usually by standing very rigid or even awkwardly. But anytime your cat isn't going naturally and easily, it's a sign something's wrong, though each cat will show this differently.

Call your vet and ask for antibiotics to treat a possible infection and if it doesn't help within a few days, you may need an xray done to check for inflammation. Also ask if there's an anti-inflammatory that would work on his bladder. I'm not sure they even make something like that, but it may be helpful if they do.

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Sep 18, 2011

I think Jillian covered it pretty well. The main thing you have to watch for following a urethrostomy is a urinary tract infection. Straining or inability to urinate could be signs of inflammation or infection. It could also just be a indicator of pain following the surgery. If anything happens that you're not sure of or if he's not acting like himself, call your vet. Most vets are very understanding and would rather you ask questions than overlook a potential problem. It's sometimes so hard to know what is going on with our fur babies. It would be so much easier if they could just talk to us and tell us what they're feeling. ;-) I hope he's doing better by now. Good luck!

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