Q: What is the strangest pet name you ever heard of?


Just wondering what is the strangest pet name you ever heard of the strangest one for me would have to be when we were little and we went to visit my dad on the weekend and he got us some pet fish. They were just goldfish but my fish was named Grayer and my brother had a fish named Little Foot. But my yougest brother named his fish Window and that has to be the strangest name for a pet I have ever heard of and he always says he doesn't know why he named it Window. Oh and Little Foot got bigger than the others and he ate Grayer and Window and so my dad took him to my grandma's pond where the fish where bigger than him he has behaved himself ever since then. So What is it?

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Natasha S.

Dec 12, 2010

We recently purchased a maltese. After careful discussion with the children, we decided to name the dog Ribbit, Although we get many giggles and unbelievers, the name has been slightly changed by one of my kids to Ribbitkins. Although by choice, she responds to Ribbit

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daryl b.

Dec 02, 2010

i named my border collie trouble but not because he was but because he was the pup they were going to keep. it took a lot of trouble to get them to let me have him. i have never had any like window. that wins the prize

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