Q: What is the best way to travel with my dog?

November 23, 2008 | By Ashley | 16 answers | Expired: 2624 days ago


I'm getting ready to drive home for the holidays and I'm bringing my new dog with me. I live 5 hours away from home and would like to know what is the best way to safely confine my dog in the car. She has a wire crate but i don't think it would stay on the seat without tilting over. Does anyone have any good recommendations? (she is about 50 pounds)

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Nov 24, 2008

If the crate won't work, you could try a seatbelt harness. My dogs wear them when we drive and they don't seem to mind. They come in a few different sizes and each size is adjustable. If you choose a seatbelt harness, I would recommend getting your dog used to it before the long drive. Good luck and have a good trip!

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Sara P.

Nov 23, 2008

It is great that you are taking your dog with you!! You could always get her a biger crat that would take up your whole seat. If not you can find somthing to stuff in between her crate and the seat or see if your car's seat belt will fit around the crate and "buckel" her in. Hope it all works out :)

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Nov 25, 2008

If you can't get a plastic crate(do this with both) do you know that thing on the seat that you can put your head on (head rest)get some rope and tie the cage to the head rest, even better if it has a crack on each side where the seats can fold down tie the cage (w/rope) around that,hope this/that helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-pinkPower23 :)

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