Q: What is the best way to potty train a new puppy?

July 6, 2008 | By Debbie C. | 4 answers | Expired: 2762 days ago

Should I keep him in a crate and only allow him out when it is potty time, or allow for play time and potty time? Or should I keep him outdoors and bring him in at night? Just wondered what is the best method for rapid potty training of my new puppy! He will be 8 weeks old full-blooded beagle! Thanks!

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Jul 07, 2008

i've seen people do the whole shove the dogs face in the pee and that is so mean please don't do that, but there is ways to punish you animal other than cruelty like putting them outside for a little while but not too long and as for the crate that mean too because then the dog may become scared of the crate after all we rescued my dog from someone who did that to him, and now he's terrified of his crate so thats not a good idea! try to keep the dog in mind as well as your carpets!!!!

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Danielle W.

Jul 06, 2008

I house trained all my dogs with bells. I put a set of bells on the door and jingled them everytime they went out, over praised them when they went outside. When they had an accident in the house I told them no and took them over to the spot of the accident and pointed to it and took them outside right away. Now whenever they have to go they hit the bells. This method only took a matter of two months.

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Marta J.

Jul 06, 2008

There is no rapid method. It takes time and consistancy. Only leave him in the crate for short periods of time, like when you can't watch him. Let him out as soon as he wakes up and about 15 to 20 min after he eats. Take him out every hour or so to the same spot outside and give him a command like "Go Potty" or whatever, until he gets the idea. It takes some dogs up to 9 months to be totally trusted for long periods of time. Never scold him if you find an accident. You have to catch in right in the act. Do not yell or hit and NEVER rub his nose in it. Just say no in a deep voice and take him out. Lots and lots of praise when he does good. If he has a poopy accident you can take it outside to his spot. As he gets older the crate should only be used if your not home or unable to watch him. It's not only for potty training, but for saftey. You don't leave a toddler unattended and you should'nt leave a puppy. He can get into some very dangerous things. He's way too young to be left outside. Later you can alway use a dog run and dog house when you go out. Make sure you can lock it, and he doesn't bark too much. Dogs are social creatures and do not like to be alone. Make sure he gets lots of walks and exercise with you. And obiedience training is important too to have a well behaved and happy dog.Read up on it and watch tv. Two good programs are Dog Whisperer and I't Me or the Dog.

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Julie Kay S.

Jul 06, 2008

While many like the idea of "crate training," it's never appealed to me. Because Wiggles was always like having an in-house genius, the ONLY accident he ever had was when he saw my Siberian husky on that first day and thought he was going to be served as the husky's lunch! Wiggles always went to the door and asked to go out when he needed to potty -- still does.

Here's a nice website with several great tips for potty training puppies:


The last of the items, constant supervision, involves more, and less, than the name implies. It involves tuning in to your puppy's own particular cues. Here's where praise for doing things right comes in handy! When puppy makes the least little urgent whine, saying "Hang on" or "Wait," then either immediately taking puppy out to potty OR immediately picking up puppy and either taking puppy out to potty or placing puppy on the desired location to potty, helps both you and puppy to learn about each other. Praise for signaling you with a whine and/or going to the door is a must!

Hoping this helps you and your sweet lil beagle pup!

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