Q: What is the best way to keep area around litter box tidy?

April 3, 2008 | By Brenda P. | 13 answers | Expired: 2346 days ago

I live in an apartment and unfortuneatly the only place to put the litter box is in a carpeted room. I am worried about keeping the carpet clean with the cat kicking litter out of the box. Any suggestions?

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Apr 03, 2008

I have placed an astroturf (the thick kind) "welcome" mat, sized a little larger, under the litter box. The litter goes into the fake "grass" and "holds it". I then every few days take the mat out and shake it to get rid of the collected litter. Hope this helps!

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Apr 04, 2008

I use the black welcome matts, the ones that are kind of bristly so it wipes off their feet as they exit (use a hood so they can only exit in one spot). It's easy to clean because it's rubber. You just tap out all the litter it catches and spray it with water.

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Apr 03, 2008

I taught my cat to use the toliet (the human toliet) it not too hard to do. You can buy a litter box that fits onto your toliet. After a few weeks remove the litter box and your cat will usethe toliet.

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