Q: What is the best method to relax my cat on a long car trip?

April 29, 2009 | By rachael w. | 4 answers | Expired: 2463 days ago

What is the best method to relax my cat on a long car trip?

Onesy HATES car rides, and howls at the top of her lungs. It stresses us both out really bad. I need to find a safe method to maybe make her sleep during my move next month, or maybe just relax her.... Help!

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May 13, 2009

When on a family vacation we took our cat with us on the five/six hour ride. Since our cat can get pretty worked up about being in cars (and hates his carrier! tries to claw out...), our vet gave us a sedative and it did calm him down. hope that helps.

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Bonnie  M.

Apr 30, 2009

Let me just repeat what Jillian and dixetruckr said. Feliway did work for me. I have one cat, Jack, that is a nervous nellie when it comes to going to the vet. He would get so upset he would foam at the mouth. Vet said it was anxiety. I used Feliway in his carrier and it does help calm him down.
Also, if the only time your cat is in the car is to go to the vet that's what they associate it with. You could try just taking her on short rides that just take you back home. I know that has worked for some people.
Good Luck.

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Apr 29, 2009

Has she ever been in a car that did not end up at the vet office? You could try a couple of things- put a cloth seat cover on your seat in the car and use it for a bit, then take it off and let your baby sniff it, sleep with it as it will have your smell plus the car smell. If your baby like to play with a certain toy. Play with her in the car, in the driveway (car engine off until she is very comfortable, then try with ignition on). You could put her favorite bed and things where she is to ride in the car-( my cats only sleep on me and my clothes- so for me i would put something I slept in for a bed)- you sit in driver seat and turn on the car. Dont go anywhere. Repeat until she is more comfortable. Then maybe drive around the block and return- give her the bestest treat ever when done too. My silly cats LOVE to ride in the car- I got lucky. I hope these tips may help. Just remember to go slow, be calm at all times- if you are anxious about her reaction- she WILL be anxious and react. She is looking to you for guidance. Go at her pace- make it a fun place to be. Good Luck

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