Q: What is the best in ground fence?

February 22, 2009 | By susan p. | 11 answers | Expired: 2024 days ago

susan p.

We want to install an underground fence for our two dogs and goat.

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Rebecca B.

Feb 24, 2009

I personally don't like them. Granted with training your dogs will learn to understnad it, but I've seen quiet a few dogs (with hounds and terriers being big ones) ignore the shock and run through the fence if they see something they really want (like a squirrel or another dog...), and this is even after training, and will do this repetively. Another thing to consider is that it is an electric fence that runs on electricity so if your power goes out so does your fence (we had neighbors that learned this one the hard way). Just a thought. I've found them to not be very sucessful at all...

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Feb 23, 2009

I agree with what some are saying, these fences may not work & if they do work someone can walk in & steal your pets. I am lucky to have a wood fence in my back yard & that is what I would recommened, wood or steel so you can keep an eye on your pets in your back yard & no one can get in to easy. I also place an old piece of lattis fence across the gate with a BIG Cow Bell on it to prevent them from going under or warn me if someone tries to enter if the gate is not locked. Good luck

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Emily B.

Feb 22, 2009

While I can't recommend a brand, I would like to offer a warning. These fences may not work without proper training. My dog used to run right over the boundary of our underground fence. What was worse was that it was positioned too close to the front of the house so that she got zapped when she tried to sit on the front porch. Not all fences will have this problem, and I wish you luck on your search!

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