Q: What is the best cat food?

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Allison K.

I have been researching them but most of the info comes from the cat food makers.I know it is supose to be high in protein and have tarine but maybe not corn? I don't know, and there are so many choices! The cat is on Science diet right now, should I just stick to that?

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Apr 17, 2009

The best cat food is one which is high protein - meaning the meat source must come from wholesome muscle meat. Make sure to select only food that list chicken, lamb, rabbit, beef, turkey, venison, salmon, whitefish, herring or a combination or those and not one that says by-products (chicken by product, meat by product, fish by product)

We should stay away from too much fillers like corn, corn gluten meal, wheat, wheat gluten, soy, oatbrans, etc. These are all cheap filler which help reduce the cost of manufacturing but brings little to no benefit our beloved cats.

Preservatives like BHA/BHT and Ethoxyquin should not be present as they are proven to be harmful to your cats. Also they should not be any other artifical preservatives such as propylene glycol and propolyneglycol .You need natural preservatives such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A or Rosemary.

Cats need an essential amino acid called Taurine. Cats can only receive this from eating wholesome meat. Choose a food that contains ample amount of Omega 3 sources - Salmon Oil, Flaxseed Oil or Canola Oil.

Given all that, SD is definitely not what I would feed my cat although it comes with the so called Veterinary Seal. In order to become a good pet parent, learn to read ingredient labels and refer to all the points mentioned above. Once you are familiar with what goes into a pet food, making a decision on what to feed would be much easier.

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sarah c.

Apr 30, 2009


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Apr 19, 2009

make your own. store bought brands are packed w/corn, which they can't digest; soy, which decreases the effects of vitamins; plant proteins, which they don't need; and animal by-products, which are not only disgusting but are sometimes rotting before they go into the food.
store brands amp up the protein on the labels, but a lot of it is plant protein {when they need meat} or its protein they can't absorb, like cow hooves {which may or may not be listed}.
one half meat, one fourth veggies, and one fourth complex carbs - how you make cat food. use chicken stock to add flavor. do an online search for "healthy powder", omitting the unnecessary bone meal and adding a lactose free source or calcium. add 1/4th a teaspoon to each meal for a days worth of vitamins and minerals.

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