Q: what is a pet war?

March 23, 2008 | By stephanie b. | 1 answer | Expired: 2422 days ago

stephanie b.

i noticed after i put my dogs pics up, they started doing something called Pet Wars... could someone please explain this.....

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Mar 23, 2008

All right I have looked at the questions and the majority of the Q's are about Pet Wars. I understand that you are curious and that is all right but before you ask the question please read the previous Q's first! Your Q may have been asked already. I have answered the question "What is Pet Wars?" so many times it makes me sick! So I will clear this question up right now. "Pet Wars" is a competition where your animal is compared to someone else's animal(of the same type) and other Zootoo members get to pick which is cuter. You don't have to sign up you just put a picture of your animal for their profile. Then you wait. On their profile it will tell you how many times your animal has won and loss. The rank number is what place they are in when put with all of the animals. They may be in a different place when only comparing them with their own species. To vote and take part in pet wars go to the pets & people tab and click "Pet Wars". You can also get to pet wars from the home page by clicking the section on pet wars. I hope this will help any curious people.


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