Q: What is a good inexpensive food for my pittbull?

April 26, 2010 | By Debbie W. | 6 answers | Expired: 2103 days ago

What is a good inexpensive food for my pittbull?

Hi my name is Debbie and my babys aname is Tango. He is a year and a half yrs and I saw a web site tonight for dog food called Platinum natural dog food. Has anyone heard of it? They claim to have really great food that is high in protine and 70% chicken. No bi-products. It is $34.00 for a 11lb bag. Tango has major gas especially when he has had some people food. His skin is dry too. Thanks for your comments. Debbie

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Apr 26, 2010

I couldnt access their site, so I cant judge it based on ingridients.

But some quality affordable brands include:

3)Whole Earth Farms
5)DIamond Naturals
6)Taste of the Wild
7)Premium Edge
8)Chicken soup for dog lovers soul

Most of them are available through feed stores, but you'll have to check the manufacturers site for store locations. I would reccomend Healthwise or Taste of the wild, Healthwise is about $36 fot 35 lbs and TOTW is about $43 for 30 lbs, but its a bit more nutrient dense(grain free).

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Apr 26, 2010


this site will tell you how nutritious foods are based on a six star rating system. if it's 4 or more, it's good. 3 is decent, but 1 or 2 should be passed by.

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Lisa B.

May 05, 2010

We like call of the wild dog and cat food. It doesn't have any grain or fillers.

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