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I want to get another dog, but piggie and remy need to be trained first. Can anyone give me some training ideas? There aren't any training schools near me, I have to train them at home.

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Jan 27, 2011

I notice you list your hometown as Torrington, CT. Just doing a Google search of your area I found the following on your city's website:

Dog Obedience Classes
All classes will be held at Coe Park on Wednesday nights and are taught by Lynn Whittaker of Bow Wow University. Classes must have a minimum of six students. Please register at the Parks & Recreation Office at 153 South Main Street or call instructor Lynn Whittaker at 480-2137.

Puppy Class 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Fee: $ 135.00 7 weeks
An introductory class for all puppies over ten weeks of age, and under four and a half months of age. This class teaches attention getting skills, getting your puppy to walk nicely on a leash, the sit position, coming when called, down, and the basics of the stay command. Proper puppy socialization, nutrition, health, and behavioral issues are also discussed. The first class is without the puppy. Proof of vaccinations is required as of the first class.

Dog Obedience Family Companion 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Fee: $ 135.00 7 weeks
This class is open for all ages of dogs that are in the beginning stages of their training. This class will teach: sit, stay, down, stand, and heel as a position. You will also learn associated hand commands. We discuss proper socialization skills as well as other important topics. The first class is without the dog. Proof of vaccinations is required as of the first class. All breeds welcome.

Dog Obedience - Beyond the Basics 7:00 - 8:00 pm
Fee: $ 135.00 7 weeks
This is an intermediate level course for those that have completed the Basic Class. In this class, we will work our dogs in various situations and increased distractions to better improve the dog’s abilities of comprehending commands. Also featuring games and prizes! Bring your dog and proof of vaccines to the first class. Be prepared to have fun!

Classes are scheduled year round, call Lynn Whittaker at 480-2137.
*All Dates are Subject to Change

Also found a PETCO at 980 Torringford Street, 860-489-6853, that offers training classes.

Its certainly a good idea to get your dogs trained before getting another one. Adding another dog into a mix of untrained dogs can quickly get out of control. There are books and videos you can buy, but its my experience that those work better for people who have at least a baseline of experience with training and a strong desire to have well-trained dogs from the beginning. Otherwise they don't stick to it or know how to finesse the training to make it work to their full advantage and sometimes end up making things worse. Since your dogs have been allowed to go untrained for a period of time, they, and you, would benefit from an in-person trainer to keep you on track and get maximum benefits.

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