Q: What Frogs are compatible with Fire Bellied Toads?

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I currently have three Fire Bellied Toads living in a semi-aquatic twenty gallon tank. I was wondering if there were any other frog species that are compatible with Fire Bellied Toads, or even if there are any fish or invertebrate compatible. I also was wondering if there are any safe plants that the frogs like that I could add. I currently have two algae eating fish in the aquarium and a few shrimp (large enough not to be eaten). Thank you for any answers!

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Karen B.

Jun 01, 2008

When I was younger I had 1 firebelly toad and 1 green tree frog in the same 20 gallon tank. And they seemed to work out great. But maybe with 3 firebellies you could get a toxicity problem, I don't know. Maybe call around to some local pet stops, not the larger ones like petsmart, but local ones were people really know about the pets and see what they say. Hopefully they will give you a direct answer and not try and sell you something that could affect your frogs now or the new ones. Good Luck

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sharon d.

Jun 01, 2008

Hi,It is not recommended to house these toads with other species due to potential toxicity problems.They are toxic to most other animals, especially other amphibians. I have heard of people successfully keeping both the Fire bellied toads and Fire bellied Newts together,but that too is not 100% risk free either.If you are putting live plants in the tank, make sure that the plant and the substrate are not contaminated with any chemicals, fertilizers, etc. Prepared potting soils usually contain all sorts of nasty things, including perlite which will float around and look awful (let alone get accidentally eaten by a toad). Do not use it. It is much better to get mulched coconut husk fiber, or other untreated, amphibian safe product.
As for plants,you could use Anubia's,Pothos,Philodendron,Peace lilies,etc.What's nice about these are that most will grow in water without any substrate.You can just place a cutting right in the water.

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