Q: What Dog breeds would be good?

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For a person moving into an apartment that allows dogs what other dogs besides Whippets are good apartment dogs? I am intrested in getting a Whippet, a Pittbull or a Bull terrier when I move into my first apartment which will most likely be in another year or two so what other dogs are good apartment dogs?

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Oct 02, 2011

A lot of apartments won't allow pit bulls, bull terriers, or other bully breeds so if you have one of those you really have to ask a lot of questions before signing a lease. Don't overlook the mixed breeds just waiting for someone to save their lives at the shelter. Any shelter dog will always be faithful to you because they'll know you saved their life. There are lots of beautiful loving mixed breeds out there. Whippets do okay living in apartments when they are excercised adequately. They are sprinters who love to run and really need a yard so they can run off-leash. They also are also not typically small animal friendly, like cats, unless they are rainsed with them.

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Oct 04, 2011

Any dog with moderate or low energy. Pit bulls have a tendency towards bounding energy, which doesn't make them ideal for apartment living, though I have seen them do fine in this environment.

The trick is to finding a dog who can be somewhat mellow indoors or one that you can easily train and exercise. I don't know if you'd like a whippet so much. Sweet dogs and although you'll love any dog you end up with, but they are typically more aloof. Not that they're truly disinterested, but their down time can be a little too stand offish.

You like great danes, right? They make pretty good apartment dogs once they get out of those adolescent years, but they need a lot of early socializing so they don't knock you down. Avoid herding and most sporting breeds, and be leery of those designed to be guard dogs or you could have a barker on your hands. Usually toy breeds are recommended, but there's a lot of medium to large sized dogs who are mellow enough for an apartment.

I recommend just moving out and waiting to see who your rescue has available. The right dog will surface and what breed they are may not even matter.

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Oct 12, 2011

NGM is right about apartments not allowing pit bulls and other bully breeds. We constantly get people contacting us who are having to give up their dogs because the apartments have changed their policy on certain breeds. Some are so intolerant that they won't allow certain dogs just because they look like they might have pit bull in their mix. The best breed of dog is the dog that needs you the most. I'm not hung up on breeds, just lives. Just go to the shelter and find a dog you love because they'll all love you.

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