Q: what does "Not yet participated in Pet Wars" mean???

March 31, 2008 | By SuzA | 1 answer | Expired: 2853 days ago


I am new what does "Not yet participated in Pet Wars" mean???

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Mar 31, 2008

Once you add your pets to the website, they are automatically entered in Pet Wars. Pet Wars is where two pictures of pets in the same category (ie: dogs vs. dogs or cats vs. cats) are randomly paired up and people can vote for which pet they think is the cutest. Since your pet is new her picture probably hasn't poped up against that of another pet yet. Once it does instead of having a message stating "Not yet participated in Pet Wars" it will show how many wins and how many losses your pet has accrued. You can vote for pets yourself if you click on the pets and people tab and then from there click on the pet wars tab. Have fun! It's addictive!

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