Q: What does iodine have to do with dogs thyroid?

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I am looking to change my brand of dog food. I found percentages of ingredients in the Nutrient analysis in dog food. Some have 4.10 mg/kg some have 6.03 mg/kgs of iodine next to iodine has thyroid.What does iodine have to do with a dog thyroid? Is iodine a good thing or bad thing?

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Nov 18, 2008

In humans iodine is needed to produce thyroid hormone, I assume it's the same for dogs. Since the body doesn't produce iodine, it must be part of our diet. Without enough iodine the body cannot produce enough thyroid hormone causing hypothyroidism.

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Nov 20, 2008

As long as you feed a high quality dog food, this should not be an issue. I would suggest any of the following dog food brands: California Natural, Innova, Merrick, Natures Variety (Prairie or Instinct), Wellness
You most likely will not find these foods at places like Petsmart or grocery stores. Higher quality foods are usually sold at smaller pet stores.

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Nov 23, 2008

Iodine is necessary for a dog to maintain a proper thyroid function. Incorrect thyroid function can lead to hypothyroidism and even aggression. Most good dog foods will already have iodine in it. You can also purchase vitamins with iodine.

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