Q: What do you think about puppies?

October 12, 2011 | By Evgeniya | 2 answers | Expired: 1565 days ago

I asked this question because hear many other not good things about our puppies..
Photos parents and puppies here:
I bought them parents with the pedigree(Chihuahua).Them very love each other and because was borned our puppies..
At this moment we find them new home..
Evil people name them freaks, monsters, and the mestizo mongrels..
I was a crying..
So I would like to know what think you.
Also,I looked chihuahua from the Mexica:
My puppies looked as them,isn't it?
And what is the really chihuhua??

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Oct 12, 2011

They look exactly like Chihuahua puppies, and if the parents are also Chihuahuas, there should be no question.

Please be very careful about finding them homes. The sad truth is, at least half of them will end up in a shelter, while almost half of them will be bounced from home to home 4-5 times in their lives.

Have the parents spayed and neutered for their health and for the sake of the puppies who will never have that one forever home.


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Oct 14, 2011

I don't see anything freaky about them. They look like typical chihuahuas. That being said, I can't reiterate enough what Jillian said. Puppies and kittens born today usually find themselves in shelters (or worse) in a short period of time -- even the purebreds. Free to good home pets usually have a worse fate. There are literally hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats being killed in this country every day because the shelters are full, the rescues are full, and no one wants them. Chihuahua rescues are overrun with chihuahuas to the point that they are turning them away and having to let them die in shelters. The truth is we don't need anymore puppies and kittens being born until we can find homes for the unfortunate ones left to suffer and die for no other reason than no one wants them. Please, please, PLEASE do the right thing and spay and neuter your pets. They'll be happier and healthier and you'll be saving lives.

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