Q: What do you look for in a service, such as a vet or trainer?

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I met the most wonderful vet today who took the time to discuss my cat's chronic health condition with me, and to show me how to manage and treat my cat's condition. Even though I had to pay an emergency fee plus the cost of labwork and treatment, I feel the vet was caring as well as compassionate. What's more and what's not real common is that she individualized treatment and her conversation with me to me and my cat. She also went out of her way to make sure I had what I needed to get my cat over this hump and treat him at home. People skills are important to me as a consumer.

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Courtney H.

May 24, 2009

When it comes to a vet.... I look for someone who is very knowledgable in all aspects. I own 5 dogs ; all with much different needs. I need to have a vet who is comfortable with Brach breeds, Rotties and Sheperds.
I just recently switched vets and am beyond thrilled with my new vet. She takes her time and really gets to know the dog and owner. She practices both eastern and western medicine. She is A+++++
She had my reactive dog letting her massage him in a matter of minutes. He is 5yrs old and has never enjoyed going to the vet.
When it comes to trainers..... First of all they HAVE TO BE POSITIVE.
I truly mean positive not claiming to be but aren't.

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May 26, 2009

knowledgeable, compassionate staff is what i look for. someone that will make me and my animals feel comfortable and also make me feel like they have a lot of experience.
my boyfriend and i tried a new vet about a year ago and this guy rushed us through everything, was so impersonal, treated my boyfriends cat like a number in line, and then snapped at me when i asked about pain management {apparently he had mentioned it during his fast paced instructions}. we never took the cat back for the surgery {aural hematoma}, but instead found an amazing vet that lived up to all my requirements.

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May 24, 2009

I am glad you found someone you like.... will you go to her again? or is she just fro emergencies? (I don't know if Animal ERs have regular patients?)...
I look for someone who is totally knowledgeable in their field and keeps either going for more training or gives workshops for other people to learn from. For my dog, they have to show interest in my dog and my relationshio with my dog. I am not sure if I am looking for a person that would tell me fluff - I want all the truth - but they have to say anything with strong conviction. Sometimes, we do have to tell someone they need to do this instead of that - and if we can't because they won't like us - that isn't doing our job? But, we have to say things in a way that hopefully they will hear and decide to follow?

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