Q: What do raccoons like better than kibble?

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this isn't really a question of what raccoons *will* eat. i know they'll eat just about anything. my question is regarding preference.

our neighborhood kitty feeding station in our back yard also attracts raccoons. i don't mind the raccoons coming around, and i don't mind them eating the kibble. the problem is that they make a huge mess of the water bowl, mucking the water up very quickly, making it very hard to keep a reasonably clean water bowl.

so i started thinking that maybe if i could come up with something that the raccoons would like *better* than the kibble but that the cats wouldn't eat, i could put it elsewhere in the yard to hopefully keep them from messing up the water bowl.

has anyone had to troubleshoot a similar problem? obviously the raccoons don't mind the kibble, but what do they really, *really* like? what would they find so tasty that they'd forget all about the kibble? i know that in a more "natural" environment they'll also eat fruits, veggies, and nuts. if given the options...if they had to choose between kibble and fruit, nuts, etc., would they generally prefer these things over kibble? and if so, what types of fruits, nuts, etc seem to be their preference?

**thanks for the suggestions...i may try only putting food out only during the day, though i did this before and had a different problem. when i would put out food in the mornings, i would rarely see raccoons, true, but frequently possums would come eat the kibble. and while the possums didn't make such a mess of the water bowl, they ate a lot and could get pretty mean with the cats. the cats and raccoons seem to get along fine. i'll occasionally see both species eating from the same bowl at the same time. but the possums are mean and greedy! anyway, it may be pure coincidence, but i haven't seen a single possum since i started leaving food out round-the-clock. it may be that they're coming and i'm not seeing them, but in any case, there's definitely less competition for food with it being constantly available rather than on a "first-come-first-served until it runs out" basis.
**diane, funny you should mention grapes. we have a grape arbor in the back yard with muscadine grapes. we just moved in here last August, and it was in pretty bad shape at the time, so it should be interesting to see what the raccoons do with that when it starts fruiting again!

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L M.

Jan 22, 2010

I think they like our peaches, and I know they like marshmallows. Stunning creatures....

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Jan 14, 2010

Try leaving food out only during the day and removing it in the evening. Raccoons tend to come out at night. Once they realize they don't have a free meal anymore, they might not stick around.

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Michele Z.

Jan 17, 2010

I'd suggest you buy a 50# bag of whole kernel (dried) corn or even cracked corn (but it is messier/dustier). The corn is rather inexpensive . I used to get it for as little as $5.00 at Agway, but the price has gone up to maybe $8.00 or so at Tractor Supply). Dogs/cats wouldn't like it, either.

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