Q: what do i put in a fiddler crab habitat

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what to put in a perfect fiddler crab cage

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sharon d.

Aug 10, 2008

Fiddler crabs are seen most times in freshwater aquariums at the local pet stores. They actually need brackish water to live,or they probably won't live more than a month or so. I'm not sure if you're aware of that.
I think PetSmart has finally started saying this which is great.
Anyway,the crabs ideal tank would be part beach,sloping down into a pond area.They actually need to be able to get out of the water when they want to.The sand needs to be deep enough so that they are able to burrow.
This is actually the most important steps of keeping the crabs.Once you do this part,the decorating fun is left to the size of the tank,amount of money,and your imagination.
Because they're brackish,you could do a "Sea" theme.The pet stores have a lot of corals and shells,etc.,to choose from.
I have seen people use live plants,but because you're dealing with brackish water,you really have to research what plants.You also would have to consider what your "light source" would be.
If this is your first try at this.I'd keep it very simple.
I'd do the land/water part,and then I'd look for a few of the aquarium plants that they sell.They have so many nice ones these days,both in plastic and silk.These would also be very easy to pull out and clean. These guys like to climb,so make sure what ever you use is safe for them.
You could also use the rocks they sell for tank decor.Flat rocks could be made into a wall of sorts,or buying one of the larger artificial live rocks could be cool.Once again,the looks are endless,so think about what theme you would like.

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Aug 19, 2008

I currently have one fiddler crab living with my three fire-bellied toads and a few shrimp in a twenty gallon tank. I have about three inches of freshwater with large rocks that stick out of the water all around the aquarium. I also have an arrangement of rocks that are underwater for my crab to hide in and around. I have severl non-toxic plants that my crab likes to eat. To help keep the water clean, I use a Tetra Whisper In-Tank Filter. I use freshwater in the aquarium. My first crab lived six months in the aquarium. The second crab I have had for about a month and she is doing well so far.

I did not realize that crabs needed brackish water, as Sharon said. I bought my fire-bellied toads at an aquarium specialty store, and in the tank there were also shrimp and crabs. I asked about them, and bought one fiddler crab and a few shrimp to add to my aquarium. So far, this has worked nicely.

I would look up "Fiddler Crab" on the computer and see what you can find. I'm sure there are websites that will tell you if fresh or brackish water is better for them.

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