Q: What do hamsters need to stay happy and healthy?

February 28, 2009 | By Ana S. | 1 answer | Expired: 2519 days ago

Ana S.

Frick and Frack seem to be okay, but they are a new pet to me, even after a couple of months, and I want to make sure I'm doing all I can for them. I give them "Premium" 8 in 1 hamster/gerbil food, but I notice they prefer the bigger seeds and practically ignore the tiny grains. And they love lettuce and carrots, but I don't know how much to give them, or if I should limit how much fresh produce they get, or what kind. Also how much room do two hamsters need, and how much activity/exercise? Should I invest in a larger cage, or get some add-on sections for the small cage they are in? How much handling is too much? I've also been told they are nocturnal, so should I keep them in a quiet darkened place, or allow them to be near the windows on a nice day and encourage them to enjoy the daylight by playing with them during the day instead of waiting for nighttime? Right now I spend a little time with them when I have time, which is random. And what kind of toys are best for them to play with, or play in? Someone recommeded that giant ball, but I worry that letting them roam anywhere in that big ball with two house cats might cause more problems than it's worth. And if I get that big ball, should I let just one hamster in at a time, or put both of them in it together? Still learning, but having a lot of fun with them. Who'd have thought I'd be playing with tiny animals that look like mice????? and enjoying it?

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Mar 01, 2009

I have guinea pigs which are different than hamsters, but with any small pet, the larger the cage the better. Just make sure the bars aren't too wide apart for it to escape. That way they can run and roam around in it. Oxbow carries what I consider the best pet foods on the market. I would check into their hamster food and give it a try. Give it some hiding spots by getting a pigloo, PVC pipes, anything it can run into to hide. I'd put one in the ball at a time and make sure it's not for an extended period of time. No amount of handling is too much; the more handling, the more socialized they will be. Heavy duty dish and drop water bottle. I attached a link from the HSUS with veggie suggestions. Good luck!


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