Q: What can you put on cats with a open sore are cut?

January 27, 2010 | By Debbie P. | 6 answers | Expired: 1684 days ago

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Debbie P.

My cubby is 1 yr old & has got a bad sore on the side of his neck or shoulder, hes really clumbsey and is always getting scratched up. Is there some kind of cream that can be put on him???

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Jan 27, 2010

neosporin is good for areas they can't lick off, such as the neck and shoulder. for every other area their tongue can get to {and before applying neosporin to where it can't}, wash out the cut/wound twice a day w/saline solution. the saline will wash out any dirt or dust and fight bacteria. it's really a must have for any pet owner. avoid using any creams or ointments for areas they can lick, b/c that's exactly what they'll do. one thing you should never, ever use is hydrogen peroxide. this will delay the healing process and can cause tissue damage if used too frequently. if it starts to abscess, get to a vet - it's a quick and fairly cheap procedure that must be done.

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Jan 27, 2010

neosporin is good and if they lick it it wont harm them

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Mary C.

Jan 27, 2010

Bag Balm that you can get at any feed store or sometimes even a drug store is usually a cure all. It will cover the wound and usually promotes healing quite quickly. I would watch to make sure the wound doesn't abcess or start an infection, in that case a trip to your vet is probly a good idea.

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Jan 28, 2010

I always keep a tube of Panalog Ointment or Cream that I pick up from my vet. It contains antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and antifungal agents. Its good for use on the skin & in the ears for both dogs & cats. All the vets I know will gladly sell a tube of it without having to see your pet. My parents also always keep it around for their feral colony as well as their own cats.

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