Q: What can I do about my tempermental Himilayan cat?

March 12, 2008 | By Caitlin S. | 1 answer | Expired: 2879 days ago

What can I do about my tempermental Himilayan cat?

My himilayan hates when we switch things up in my house, like take down the Christmas tree, or even get a new bedspread. I didn't know if there was anything, other than not switching the furniture around, that we could do? Is there anything the vet could do, as well? He's already been neutered.

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Michele Z.

Mar 12, 2008

I'm not sure how to answer since I don't know anything about your cat's history and you don't specify how your cat actually reacts (other than he "hates" it and is temperamental). It would help to know if you've had your cat since he was a kitten or adopted him as an adult. It would also help to know if you have ever moved with your cat and/or if you travel frequently (and he sees you packing and leaving him) since he might associate this movement in the home with you leaving or him changing residences--or maybe even that unwelcomed company is coming.

I know most/all cats do not like change, but your cat sounds especially sensitive. This suggests it is something in his background or something that you do that makes him feel uncomfortable and insecure.

Without knowing the cause, it may still be treatable with one of those relaxation/calming sprays. I'm not sure what they are called, but you probably could get some from your veterinarian. If your cat just mentally "hates" when you rearrange things but doesn't show any abnormal symptoms, you probably don't need to do anything. Cats can be enigmatic.

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