Q: What can I do about itchy Schnauzer skin?

March 12, 2009 | By Brandy M. | 8 answers | Expired: 2003 days ago

Brandy M.

I brought home a 3 yo minature schnauzer that my mom has had for several years. She has constantly had skin problems and my mom did not have time to keep up with her thus the reason for taking the dog. I just started using a new medicated shampoo by Gold Medal and was told to give her a little children's Benadryl. She has all of her hair but has hive-like bumps of her sides and neck. They are not really noticable but wow does she scratch like crazy all the time. Oh, I might add that she does not have one flea and is on Sentinel and she eats Science Diet Lamb and Rice. The food and shampoo were just started when she came here last week but she has never had fleas, as I could imagine the condition would be worse. All you lifetime schnauzer owner's out there please offer any advice that works for you. Thanks!

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Mandy B.

Mar 13, 2009

Oh Boy Brandi... this might not be what you want to hear but have to tell you...Doesn't mean of course that this is your miniature schnauzers problem but this is mine... I had the same problem... Bo is 2 yrs old and since I had gotten him when he was 5 months old he would scratch and itch all the time... I too had gotten special shampoos and such but nothing seemed to help... My groomer had said that she was concerned because his hair felt odd for this breed and also the hair on his legs wouldn't grow... So off I went to see the vet... They suspected mites but did a skin scraping and nothing showed up under the microscope... They told me they could do a blood panel on him and see if he had any allergies... As costly as this was... I needed to know for both of us... I got that back and Yep! He has allergies to lots of stuff! But... the main thing was CORN! UGH!! Try to find a regular dog food without corn in it... he is also allergic to fish... so if the food didn't have corn in it... it had fish or fish oil in it... He is also allergic to maple and oak... and houseflies... these are just the things he is highly allergic to... there were others in the lower range but of course those were the things we don't have around here... As I said... this doesn't mean this is your dogs problems but it would probably be something to check into! I give Bo a 25mg capsule of benedryl twice a day to help with the itching and that seems to help quite a bit... Hopefully I won't have to keep him on this once I get rid of the things he is allergic to and out of his system! Good luck Brandy... :)

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Mar 13, 2009

She needs to be tested for allergies. More than likely she is allergic to something. Terriers are known to have a lot of allergies. Once you find out the problem you can treat it. Our dog is allergic to things we cannot eliminate so she takes allergy shots every 3 weeks.

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Mar 12, 2009

My dogs have had a itchy and raw skin before and my vet said that most skin problems in dogs can be traced to food allergies. I recommend that you talk with your vet about it. Your vet could also take a scraping of the skin and culture it to figure out what is causing the itching too.

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