Q: What breed of dog is Puck?

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Okay i got my dog puck from a shelter he is now 4 months and about 25 days old.. the office did not really know for sure what type of dog he was their best guess is a german shepherd border collie mix... if anyone has an opinion i would love to know. Please help thank you

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May 31, 2011

In this picture he does look a lot like a husky. Unlike what Randi said below, huskies don't have to have a blue eye. They can have one blue eye and one brown eye, or two blue eyes, but two brown eyes are also acceptable by the AKC. Anyway, I'm getting off track here. I went back and looked at your other pictures. He does have shepherd coloring and those big erect shepherd ears. As a matter of fact he looks a lot like a long-haired german shepherd that I saw a few months back. I think shepherd is definitely the dominant breed in him. Unless you know someone who really knows their dog breeds and can recognize some other traits in him, I'm not sure you'll ever know for sure.

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Jun 04, 2011

After looking at all your pictures I can see where they might come up with GSD & BC. There does appear to be GSD for sure. You get surprises sometimes when you're dealing with mixes. We've had that happen where just the right traits merge together to trick you into thinking it's another breed. We recently did a dna test on a rescue because even the pit bull rescues said she was part pit bull & we have strict city laws that would have to be followed. It turned out not a dog in her ancestry had ever seen a pitty or a staffie! lol If you decide to go the dna test route, know that not all dna tests are created equally. Do your homework & get the test that tests for the most breeds & has the best reviews. Most vets use the Wisdom panel, which is a blood draw & tests for over 200 breeds. Wisdom now has a cheek swab version that you can do at home that tests for over 180 breeds. The Canine Heritage XL is also a cheek swab & tests for over 100 breeds. Whatever his heritage is, he's a cutie pie! :-)

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May 23, 2011

You can tell how big your puppy will be by the size of the pup's paws usaully, but your puppy looks like a husky to me from the picture. but if you had a full body picture it would be easier to tell what breed your puppy is also you can buy a breed identification kit which runs to about $67.00 and then you can know for sure.

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