Q: What brand of Washer/Dryer is good with pet hair?

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I know this is a kind of random question but I'm moving into a new apartment and am shopping for a washer/dryer.

I've been reading about diff adv and disadv of front-load vs. top-load and I thought I would stick with top load since it is more convenient and cheaper. BUT every review I have read complains about the products breaking, not filling with enough water, clothes not getting clean. The negative reviews about front loaders say they must be cleaned after every load, they mold, dog hair sticks to filter, and they're expensive.

I was wondering if anyone has any opinion on either one of these - I need a good dryer too to pull the lint off of clothes and all the animal hair.

I was looking at front-loader: Frigidaire - 3.5 Cu. Ft. 10-Cycle King-Size Capacity Washer that's $584

or GE Appliances 4.0 cu. ft. IEC King-Size Capacity Frontload Washer $807 (so expensive)

and Maytag Epic z™ 3.7 Cu. Ft. IEC Capacity Front Load Washer

and top loaders: GE 4.1 IEC Cu. Ft. Colossal Capacity Washer $529

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May 04, 2009

I have a Kenmore top loader that I got from Sears, I have 2 greyhounds, not much shedding & a rescued Black Lab, I lover her but she's a walking hair ball I've had it about 6 yrs, so far so good, I've never cleaned the filter, I don't think it has one, the dryer filter has to be cleaned each time, I could knit a sweater with what comes out of there, about once a month run a med. load with a couple cups of white vinegar & cold water, I was told to do that, it cleans it out, it must work cause I have no problem & the man that sold it to me said it was good, he was very honest & said none of the washers or dryers are as good as they used to be, said the insides are plastic and kinda crappy, but I've hand no problem, hope this doesn't jinx me.

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May 04, 2009

i have a frontloader...can't remember exactly what kind, i think a Whirlpool Duet, but what they say about mold and odors is true. i wouldn't say you have to clean it after *every* load, but you will need to run it on a "clean" cycle very regularly with bleach or these tablets made specifically for the purpose. my mother-in-law also has a front-loader and says she has fewer odor issues when she puts some borax in each load. i don't find that it helps so much myself. i like to add some lavender essential oil to my detergent...i find that helps. as far as pet hair, i don't find it to be any better or worse than a top-loader, either way. another thing: remember that you'll have to buy HE detergent. if you don't, it won't get your clothes especially clean. i've made that mistake before. i've found that Sam's Club in my area carries a huge jug of all natural HE detergent for a great price. and then with the HE washer, you generally can't sit and leave stuff on top of it. in my experience, the washer spins so fast and so vigorously, it can easily vibrate stuff right off the top of the machine, which can be REALLY bad news if that "stuff" happens to be a large bottle of liquid detergent (that was a huge mess).

would i recommend a HE frontloader? only after issuing quite a few warnings about the differences between a traditional washer and a frontloader. but i wouldn't trade mine for a top-loader. granted there are some top-loaders that don't have an aggitator, but that was one of the major selling points for me. without an aggitator, the front-loader is very flexible. i'll wash even my most delicate clothes in it without fear of damage. also, my dog enjoys sleeping on a sleeping bag. i used to have to bring the sleeping bag to a laundromat & use one of their front-loaders when it needed washing. i don't have that problem anymore. the capacity is great.

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May 05, 2009

I love my front loader, I have not experienced any mold issue but I do have clean clothes. I've had my Kenmore Front Loader washer for 9 years and while it was more costly to buy, it has saved me when it comes to the water bill. 10 gallons over the top loaders 50 gallons! A friend of mine got the new steam wash machine and well I think it's silly and she wishes she had just gotten the plain old front loader.

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