Q: What are the best items for a silent auction?

November 5, 2008 | By Kim D. | 21 answers | Expired: 2638 days ago

What are the best items for a silent auction?

We hold an art auction with a silent auction as our BIG fundraiser for our shelter. What are the best items for a silent auction? Any insight on running a silent auction to make it run smoothly?

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Nov 05, 2008

A silent auction can be any type of item(s) those in attendance would be interested in. Baskets filled with animals treats, toys, products are always really popular at shelter functions. Tickets to shows, movies, wine baskets, pasta/spaghetti sauce baskets. Coupons for pet grooming, a vet visit or any kind of animal related service. Contact professionals associated with your rescue for donations. Make sure you have long tables with a lot of space between items. Announce the silent auction early on and make a final announcement, giving people an additional 15 minutes to put in a bid. Make sure you have a starting bid listed on the sheet with a title of the item on the sheet, with the sheet taped or attached to the table. Lots of pens in case someone walks off with them or the pen attached to the table. Sounds like fun! Good luck.

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