Q: What are some of your experiences with dog collars and i.d. tags?

March 11, 2009 | By Judy S. | 14 answers | Expired: 2101 days ago

What are some of your experiences with dog collars and i.d. tags?

Barron needs a new collar with identification on it and I had been considering the little metal tag with name and phone number on it, like Mishu wears. Someone else told me that a collor with an identification label permanently attached is more satisfactory. What do you think?

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Mar 25, 2009

We have great small tags, that even active dogs love.
We found this cool blog from one of our customers:
"My dogs have not worn ID tags for years. We would move and need new ones, or I'd get tired of taking them off for agility or we would get tired of the jingling or I couldn't really find ones I liked. Then I saw these on the Pampered Paw website...

Naturally, they all had to have one and they arrived yesterday. They have names and phone numbers engraved on the back. The black/white one is Zodiac's, purple is Legend, and green is Oreo. I would have posted pictures of them wearing them but then they are harder to see up close, especially with long haired dogs. They also come in a few more colors if anyone wants one for their own dog. "

I love these tags they are so beautiful!
check us out, hope this helps! :)
Pampered Paw Gifts.com

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Lily N.

Mar 11, 2009

my dog just has a rabies tag on w/ the vet's phone #, we never use any other other tags,but we live in a semi rural area and our dog doesn't wander that far, so we never worry about her going to far

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Nick & Ashlee K.

Mar 11, 2009

the other day i went to a pet store and they had this rubber like collar and the tag can be slid right into the collar. it doesnt hang off the collar or anything its plush right into the collar.

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