Q: What are some good toys or items to have for a new cat-first time owner?

March 21, 2008 | By Julie S. | 9 answers | Expired: 2455 days ago

Julie S.

we have never had a cat before and now have a 5 month old kitten. Looking for ideas to keep her happy.

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Mar 21, 2008

Catnip scented toys are good, but if kitty doesn't like catnip you can find cat toys filled with honeysuckle on the internet. Catnip spray or leaves are a must to apply to cat cratching posts. Cats seem to like the cardboard or sisal better than carpet. Keep an eye on kitty around plants! Get bitter aple spray for spraying plants, or just buy some kitty grass for her to safely nip at instead. Two litter boxes! Even with one cat, I advise an extra litter box weather you have 1 or more cats. There may be times when you may not be able to clean it as often as you need. An extra on hand will satisfy kitty instead of peeing outside the box. Scoopable Litter is less wasteful than clay and easier to clean out of boxes. Congratulation!

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Apr 02, 2008

All of the suggestions others have given you are very good. Sometimes it is the least expensive/free stuff that makes your kitten or cat the happiest -- the little plastic ring you pull off the milk jug when you first open it, a simple cardboard box or paper bag, a toy mouse that it can bat around on the floor, cat balls, etc. I have 3 cats (all adults) and they particularly enjoy the mice that make noise when you shake them...like they have little beads in them. I have invested in all types of more expensive toys..most of which they showed little interest in. I'd encourage you to stick with the simple stuff. The one toy I did learn about on this website that is awesome is something called DaBird. My cats already had wand toys with feathers and stuff on the end and they did enjoy them..at least sometimes. But I have never seen them get as excited about any toy as they did DaBird. As you move it about, it sounds like a bird flying in the air. It is feathers attached to a pole like a lure. Even my most sedentary cat gets excited when I get DaBird out for play. The love it so much that I have to hide it when it is not play time. Good luck to you with your new kitten.

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Apr 04, 2008

My cat used to love hairspray caps (the little ones)! I'd toss it on the floor and she'd go nuts. Or I'd throw it in the bathtub and that way she couldn't lose it under something. We have a cat that likes twist ties and used to steal scrub sponges. The crinkle balls and small "real fur" mice seem to be a hit with our cats. They're cheap too. The feather toys on the little fish poles seem to entertain them. Be careful letting your cat play with string. If they eat it they can have serious problems!

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