Q: What are some good ideas for funraising money.

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Our Shelter is trying to fundraise money for a new shelter. we need one bad. The one we are in now is falling apart?

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Mar 17, 2008

There are so many ways to raise money. Contact your local news media see if they are willing to do a story. This will get people to notice. Then go to the local businesses and ask if anyone is willing to sponser the shelter. Ask the businesses if you can put a collection jar at the registers. Have bake sales or a small carnival with games and maybe rides for small fees all to benefit the shelter. See if you can get the schools involved. Have the classes compete to see which class can fill their jar with money the fastest and the class that wins gets a shelter tour and a pizza party. This can be educational as well as fun. Car washes can generate some $$$ too. These ideas by themselves won't bring alot but combining alot of different ideas will help. Also, paint a sign with a meter showing your goal and update the sign weekly to keep people updated with your progress. The key is to get people to notice. The crazier the idea the more you will be noticed.

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Serena E.

Mar 28, 2008

carwash, see if local businesses/ hotel's/ restaurants would like to donate some prices and hold a raffle that you advertise for with the help of TV and paper. have chat with your local AVON rep. they have great fundraising packages that are already set up and have a 50% guranty. or call out all your craft volentier's and raisd a craft store. make - paw print t-shirt's, pictures, beeded necklases, pawprint purses, look into bumper sticker's/ magnet's.

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Mar 16, 2008

We did a community cookbook it was really neat and even included many recipes for cat and dog treats and food in it. It took a lot of work compiling them, and time. We do marketday fundraisers. I think we have done just about everthing imagineable, bake sales, garage sales, jewelry sales, car washes, community breakfasts a couple times a year in different towns in our county, donation boxes at businesses, sold magnetic signs for homes and cars, done cookouts at Oneys where we sold pork chop sandwichs and hot dogs and soda.
We just did a FurBall fundraiser with an auction and dinner. PWP has just about tried anything to get funds for our shelter.

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