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Abby loves her walks and hates to potty in the yard she also doesn't mind a sweater I am not sure if she likes getting dressed up or just tolarates it but she also hates the rain and to get wet I need to walk her almost every day I wonder would it be worth it to get a rain coat for her I found some nice ones and she is clipped short so being too warm with a coat on since she is a cocker spainel mix would not be a problem, So would it be worth it?

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Oct 14, 2012

If she's going to walk in the rain I would invest in a raincoat. My dogs have them although they don't necessarily wear them during the warm summer rains since it's so hot here that they appreciate the opportunity to cool off and there's no chance of them getting chilled and getting sick. But let's face it, being wet and cold is a miserable feeling. Mine have hoodies for cold weather and rain slickers for wet weather. They don't like dressing up...most dogs don't as it's not their natural state, bit they do appreciate being warm and dry while still getting their walks.

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Oct 15, 2012

Yeah, if you are going to walk them in the rain, esp. when the temps are cool or cold, they definitely need protection. They make all kinds of rain gear. Some is lined for warmth, some isn't. I find that the unlined raincoats are warm enough unless the temps are really cold, then you might need something warmer. Just don't get something too heavy because dogs can't sweat and become overheated.

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