Q: Weaning puppies

August 10, 2008 | By Kim R. | 7 answers | Expired: 2315 days ago

Weaning puppies

I need some help please. My puppies are 4 weeks and 2 days. Abby the mommy is not producing enough milk for all 4 babies. What should I feed them, how much and how often?
Thanks Kim

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Rhonda S.

Aug 09, 2008

At this age you can make "mush" for the puppies. Get a good quality canned puppy food and mix it with the puppy formula making a mush. This what I did when I fostered a four week old puppy from the Humane Society. You may have to rub a bit of this mush on their mouth, to get them to taste and eat it at first. At about 5-6 weeks start adding dry food letting it sit in the puppy formula to get soft. By 6-7weeks start decreasing the amount of formula and use more of the can/dry food mixed. By 7-8 weeks only feed the formula mixture once a day. If however you notice they have excessive gas and loose stools at this age stop the formula and just feed the can/dry mixture. They should be completely off the formula by 8wks. It's hard to say what kind of puppy food to use since not all puppies can handle the same kind of food. Science Diet is good, but can be to rich for little tummies. It will take some trial and error to find one they will be able to digest properly. Good Luck!

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Aug 10, 2008

Ebsilac is a great formula to help you feed your pups... but why are you thinking mom isn't making enough milk? Have the pups dropped weight? Do they look unhealthy? With 4 pups, mom should be able to take care of them without any problem, so here's they thing- you need to take mom and pups to the vet, make sure mom is okay and make sure the pups are okay. Your vet wil tell you (based on how they look and what size they are) what and how and how often you should be feeding them.

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Jessica H.

Aug 11, 2008

Also thought I should add, the mother "not producing enough milk" is a natural part of the weaning process. The mother will slowly produce less and less milk as a means of weaning her pups on her own.

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