Q: Wat Should I do to let Chingy know that even with a new puppy he is still my baby?

July 31, 2008 | By Cubby3 | 3 answers | Expired: 2739 days ago

Wat Should I do to let Chingy know that even with a new puppy he is still my baby?

Chingy is my rock and he just luv always staying right by me. But with a new puppy coming friday. I dont think that he is really ready for that. His trained and all that good stuff. But how do i keep him from not likeing the new puppy cuz he thinks the new puppy get more of my time? Help!!!!!

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Jessica H.

Aug 02, 2008

Be sure to establish that he is the alpha dog in the household. Feed him first, give him attention first, let him outside first, and make sure the puppy sees it. This helps establish a "pecking order" among the dogs. Puppies are usually young and rambunctious and some can be overly-dominant, so this will help to secure their roles in the hierarchy.

Also, don't forget to give him extra attention on the side. Just spend the same amount of time with him now as you did before the puppy and he will be fine.

Also don't forget -- dogs are dogs, they do not feel human emotion. People tend to "humanize" their dogs and think dogs get jealous or hold grudges. Dogs are dogs!

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Jul 31, 2008

You need to make sure that you spend just as much time with Chingy, if not more, than the new puppy. It's easy when there is something "new" to pay with to forget about the old. I had a very dog aggressive female dog, and I had to bring home a dog from the shelter I was working at for the night because we were full. My dog looked at me when she saw the new dog and went and sniffed her and they instantly started playing. I made sure that my dog knew she was #1, and even though I have gotten more dogs since, she is still the princess of the house. All dogs want is your love, make sure you give it to them.

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Aug 01, 2008

I got another dog and my "special girl" was not happy, I did and still do ALWAYS call Bridget 1st even if she not at the door which isn't often, she gets the first kiss and hears how good she is and then the others get their kiss cause I do love all of them, but she is my girl, she gets feed first and she gets her treat first, she is "the leader of the pack" and she does a much better job than me she is a Diva and I made her that way and we're all happy with no problems. Good Luck & congrats on the new addition

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