Q: Vetrenairy Clinic Jobs?

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I wanted to apply at a veteranairy clinc well a couple of them for jobs but I need to kow with no exeperince can I be a secretary or only apply for kennel staff which is cleaning the cages and feeding the animals? Also will they give me an applacation or do I just give them my resume?

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Apr 05, 2011

Every clinic is probably going to be a little different as far whether or not they'll require resumes or applications. As far as experience, to work in the office you would have to have office skills, i.e. computers & knowledge of specific computer programs; bookkeeping; good customer service & organizational skills; good spelling, punctuation, & grammar; possibly medical terminology & transcription; scheduling; professional telephone skills; billing. Some of them may require specific word processing or typing speeds.

Here's a link to some job postings for vet receptionists. It gives you an idea of what most of them will be looking for:

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