Q: using vinegar to clean dogs ear

October 6, 2008 | By bell o. | 7 answers | Expired: 2669 days ago

bell o.

I havent had money to take my baby to the vet. (big finacial problems riht now)ad I noticed her ear had lots of black stuff inside her ear and i id some research on what to use to clean dog ears and one suggestion was to use vinegar. and to my surprise big piece of black stuff was was coming out of her ear and now it looks good and clean. thank goodness. I was wandering what was that black stuff and has anyone ever used vinegar to clean dogs ears

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Oct 06, 2008

My mom raises Irish Wolfhounds, and our vet recommended to use vinegar and borax...the solutions they give you at the vets can often result in harming your dogs ears. He is all about natural remedies...and they really work. Good luck

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Oct 06, 2008

Hmmm, I'm not sure about using vinegar in her ears, so I am unable to comment on that portion.
If it is ear mites you need to treat her ears w. ear mite medicine.
It could also be a yeast infection.
You should call around to see if there is a low cost clinic to treat your baby. Try calling the local shelter to ask them for a recommendation.
If it is yeast it may be due to allergies. She may need to eat a nonallergic diet.
Hope it helps. All the best!

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Oct 06, 2008

I don't think it is yeast . . .Simone just had a yeast infection in her ear and it was brown and crusty. I really think you need to have it checked out by a vet or at minimum find some ear cleaner at your local pet store.

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