Q: URGENT don't buy IAMS animal food!!!!!!

May 16, 2010 | By Jessica D. | 12 answers | Expired: 1584 days ago

Jessica D.

do not buy iams, they do cruel and unnecessary testing on animals! They cut huge chunks of muscel and flesh from their bodies, shove tubes down their throats making them ingest vegetable oil, and often end up killing them from all the tests. They also remove all the dogs vocal cords because the scientist don't want to have to hear them crying all day! Those that survive all this cruelty must live the rest of their lives this way never leaving their cages except for when their put on those cold operating tables. Don't believe me? Fine, check www.iamscruelty.com and www.peta.com
Also check youtube for the undercover vid of an iams lab.

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Stephanie  C.

May 17, 2010

Well, most pet food manufacturers have to do study ananlysis to see what their food does. Would you prefer to feed your pet a food that has never been tested? One that you don't know what it will do to him?

Most pet food companies invest quite a lot of time, money, energy, and research to make sure they have a quality product. They would not hurt the animals because there is no reason to. Having upset animals will skew your test results due to the adrenaline in the blood stream affecting the other body chemistry.

'Removing chunks of muscle' from an animal would prove nothing. There is no reason to do a 'test' like that. Most tests are chemical analyses which are done through urinalysis, blood work, or perhaps weight gain or performance.

PETA is known for their fanatical performances at any animal facility, whether it is a shelter, zoo, circus, or research facility. PETA has some good basic ideas, but those ideas quickly turn ugly when studied in depth.

I also know for a fact that any animals used in research are kept very well with strict adherence to USDA, IACUC, and AAALAC requirements. Research facilities are investigated routinely with a fine for each violation. Any violation found costs the facility $10,000/animal/day. That is a hefty sum to pay for negligence on any level.

Any experiment that is using animals is required to have a full written protocal summary signed by all practicing investigators. That summary is sent to the USDA, IACUC, and AAALAC, for review. If they find anything out of order, the protocol is denied. There are numerous stringent requirements for any experiment involving animals.

Feel free to investigate these agencies to find out for yourself.

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daryl b.

May 16, 2010

thank you i will pass this on

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Vicki R.

May 17, 2010

Animal testing of food should be no more than quantity feed, stool and blood analysis. In short, knowing how much you feed your pet and the basic testing done by your vet to check your pets health.

Beyond that, you have to question just what they think they're going to learn and if they're doing this to animals in their care but not telling you about it, what are they doing with the food and not telling you about? Check out the journal entry I just posted at is.gd/ccBFX

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