Q: Ummm, Hungry-Kitty-Syndrome?

October 2, 2009 | By Kaukab B. | 4 answers | Expired: 2306 days ago

Ummm, Hungry-Kitty-Syndrome?

My 4 month old bundle of energy, Sophie has always loved meal times. From the beginning, she's been getting Natural Balance canned food twice a day, with dry Wellness CORE for lunch. I don't give her too much food, just enough, but lately, she's developped a ravenous appetite. These days, she's started eating the new foster cat's leftovers. She's even thrown up a few times, thanks to hogging despite having a full belly, but that hasn't discouraged her one bit..

Sophie's a very playful, active li'l thing, but her appetite has me perplexed - she's ALWAYS hungry, dammit! Her poop's normal, her fecal and Giardia tests were negative, and she's been dewormed. Her vet tells me there's "really nothing wrong with her". But I'm worried. The way Sophie eats, or inhales her food rather, and WANTS to keep on eating regardless of just having eaten, frankly, scares me..

Is there such a thing as Hungry-Kitty-Syndrome? Am I not feeding my baby enough? I thought excellent quality food makes your cat eat less.. This doesn't seem to be the case with my kitten!

Or is Sophie one of those kittens who simply enjoys eating - and will eventually grow up to be a really big girl?

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Oct 07, 2009

Some cats just don't want to share. She may be trying to get all of the food she sees to keep the other cat from getting it. Some cats will eat because they are bored or finding it comforting. Other cats are like my Pooka... gluttons who will eat until they can't move

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Oct 06, 2009

Well, Mykitty! My Kittles would eat 24/7 if I let him and he is 8 years old! He is also worm free and has no medical conditions. I think it depends on the kitty. IDK! Good luck! Thank goodness we don't have more than one that likes to eat like that! We'd be eaten out of house and home! lol

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Oct 05, 2009

at four months, she will need to eat about 4 times a day - 1/8-1/4th a cup each meal. the 5 month old kitten i'm fostering is the same way - always wanting food even though she's obviously not hungry. she has also been known to snatch up the rest of one of my other fosters food when she finishes her own. some cats are just gluttons, simple as that. for right now, you should monitor their meals and block her from eating your fosters until he's done. most of my cats do not finish their food even though they're getting fed only the proper amount. when they walk away, they're done. it's important to remove the dish when they leave it so they learn to eat on a schedule. your foster may be full or may just not yet understand that it's not going to sit there waiting all day for them to eat it - either way, remove it.

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m s.

Oct 03, 2009

I can see from your photo - she's too adorable. Well, what would i do? Keep in mind, i'm not an expert. In my opinion, i think she's used to eating quite a bit of food -- she's always had 3 meals of quality food a day, so...

What i would do is feed her once in the morning and then, one more time in the evening. Keep her occupied during the day with activities -- cardboard boxes with entrances and exits cut out -- anything else that you may have that she loves toying with -- i'm sure you know how they love watching the scene outdoors, etc. The question is what do you do when she asks for food outside of her two-meal limit? That is a tough decision BUT i would NOT feed her in between meals -- allow her to get used to eating two meals a day at the time you both designate -- see what happens. I read somewhere that cats are quite satisfied even with one meal per day -- as long as they're getting their proper nutrients and the food is fresh and tasty, all will be well. I know it's difficult not to spoil them -- you want to give them everything you can. But, try a different routine as i've already mentioned. If you were out of the home for most of the day, Sophie would eat one time prior to your leaving, correct? Then, upon your return, you would probably feed her again. So, i hope i've helped you in making a decision. good luck.

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