Q: Trying to get my birds to eat more pellets? Any suggestions?

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I'm trying to get my birds to have a 50/50 diet of seeds and pellets. They've been mostly seed since I've had them. Any suggestions on how to transition? Right now I'm just mixing seeds with pellets to see what happens.

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Oct 28, 2009

I have a pied cockatiel and we feed him Harrison's adult lifetime fine pellets with great success. We also give him a small dish with Zupreem fruit pellets in it. They are fruty scented and are green and red balls with yellow banana shaped pieces. Keep doing what you are doing mixing the pellets in with the seeds and slowly decrease the ratio of seeds to pellets. Make sure that the pellets are being accepted and eaten even if they are not the whole diet right now. It will take a few weeks of slowly switching the ratio until pellets are the primary source of food. Best of luck and it is worth it! Birds on pelleted diets have a much healthier life and a longer lifespan :)

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Oct 28, 2009

which brand are you using? my lovebirds ate everything, but the budgies were picky, they seemed to like Harrisons better then anything else I tried. I also had pretty good results with Roudybush.
Have you tried soaking the pellets? Take a small ammount and cover with hot water, let it cool, make sure to mix it up and feel it that its cool to the touch, mush it together, add a little bit of grated carrots or apples and serve. When you give it to them, remove all seed and seed treats from the cage and leave the pellets for 4-5 hours, they wont starve, but check to see if theyre trying to nibble on it. I eventually ended up removing all seed and just leaving pellets for the whole day, when they finnally got hungry, they ate it.

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