Q: training issue

April 8, 2013 | By Eccrob | 0 answers | Expired: 1022 days ago

I inherited a Yorkie for Christmas, and it was a puppy from a puppy mill, who was abused.
It took a long time for him to warm up to myself and my sister, who lives with me.
He is very skitish, and does not like tall people, or men especially.
But anyway, I had him trained, by going outside every 2 hours, he would either pee or poop.

But this past weekend, when I brought him inside the house, his leash was still attached to him, and the part that I was holding, dropped to the floor, making a bang, which startled him, and he went running off very quickly with the leash still attached, which made more noise.

Now, I can't get him to want to go outside anymore. everytime I mention it, he runs and hides, under my Mothers bed, which is on the main floor.

Now, he usually sleeps with me, down cellar, and he loves to go down there.
so he obviouslly is not afraid of me. but when I am on the main floor, he stays far away from me, and runs away when I start to approach him.
But like I said he still sleeps with me, and can't wait to go down cellar with me, and when I come in the house from going out, he always greets me with a big kiss and jumps up and down excitedly. but the only thing, is trying to get him to go outside now to do his business,
How should I approach this? any suggestion would help.

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