Q: Toy Poodle Breast Cancer

March 27, 2012 | By Payam | 3 answers | Expired: 1400 days ago


my 9 years toy poodle has been recently diagnosed with a tumor under one of her last (near tail) nipples. the vet told me to take her to the surgeon to get consultation on whether to have an operation or not.
Now I'm asking if it is proper to operate such an old pet considering the risks of anesthesia! to be frank i'm worried the doc may prefer the big money of operation to the health of my pet! I'm asking whether the breast cancer in poodles is frequent and malignant most of the times or how could I get assured if the operation is really necessary!

Many thanks for your kind help!

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Mar 31, 2012

I rescued a 10-year-old male chow with testicular cancer and many other problems. He had to have about 5 surgeries at once and did great. And chows require special care while under anesthesia since they don't tolerate it well in the first place. Anesthesia is relatively mild and if you have a great vet, there shouldn't be much to worry about. Your vet and his/her team will monitor all vitals and act accordingly. They may not recommend chemo for your dog because of age or type of cancer. Or you may not want to do chemo, even though chemo is much milder for for dogs than it is for people. They don't pump them full of the medication so they tend to tolerate it very well without all those nasty side effects we see in people. Chemo or not, I would supplement with K-9 Immunity or K-9 Immunity Plus. That is probably the medicinal mushrooms that Jillian is referring to as well. I personally think the benefits far outweigh the risks and if it were me, I would go ahead with the surgery. At 9-years-ols, she potentially has another 10 or more years, so I would give her every opportunity to live them healthily and painlessly. Good luck to you both.

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Mar 30, 2012

In all dogs the risk of the tumor being malignant is 50%. Having it removed is a fairly simple procedure and actually doesn't pose a high risk for older dogs. The anesthesia used will be more gentle so she shouldn't have a reaction to it. You can call around and get prices b/c this is something every vet has done many times over. Usually they even spay the dog at the same time, if it's your wish, b/c intact females have a high chance of getting breast tumors, increasing with each heat cycle. Once spayed, they usually stop forming.

You can decide whether or not you want to have it biopsied. This is where it gets difficult in older dogs b/c most vets will not suggest chemo for senior dogs. It's not as hard on them as it is in people, but it's still not recommended once they reach a certain age. You'll want to discuss those options with your vet and if you decide chemo isn't the right path, should it even be malignant, you can try medicinal mushrooms instead. If it were me and the vet said no chemo, I wouldn't worry about a biopsy and instead, put her directly on the mushroom supplements - just in case. They won't harm her either way, but if there is cancer, these will help reduce it in size, block it from spreading quickly, and could even put it in remission altogether. I think one company is called Aloha Medicinals, something like that. If the tumor's benign, these will only raise her immune system and help fight off reoccurring tumors.

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Mar 27, 2012

This is a hard one Teddy my elderly tortiseshell kitty I lost her in december right before christmas to what I think was Cancer and she was 16 but she started having syptoms and the lump inside of her appeared and became painful when she was 13 I felt bad that I could not find a way to pay for surgery for her or at least to have it checked out by a vet. Teddy was in horrible pain and I did not have the money to have her put down either. I will tell you I would rather risk it than not cause if your dog has to live in pain for the rest of her life she won't be very happy at all. Also I do know that some vets can not be trusted there was one time I took Skitters to the vet they took her out of the room and said they had to take her to the back for her shots then next time I was there they just gave the shots to her in the room with me still there ever since that happened I have told them I need to stay with her when she has her shots if they ask for a reason I tell them cause she gets too nervous in the room with out me. I do know that poodles in the toy size can live to be at least 18 years old my grandma has one her name is Cricket she is 9 years old too but she has alot of stomach problems and I am finding out that poodles have alot of health problems and it is just the breed but Cricket doesn't have cancer. Cricket did have a sister named Angel though and Angel had an additude about her. I do have a good friend that I will be seeing not this saturday but next saturday she is a retired vet and is a certified dog trainer she has fostered everything from dogs to tigers that needed to be reabilitated she works with a rescue group I volunteer for and is a great dog groomer and knows everything there is to know about dogs I can ask her about it for you and then give a better awnser let me know!

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