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It has been 9 days now since I lost my Copper. It hurts today as bad as it did 9 days ago. Everybody's all over me telling me to get over it and get another little buddy and move on. Copper and I were together like I said 24 7's for 5,203 days and it is so hard to let him go. I never want to shove him to the back of my mind. Alot of you have been thru this, how did you folks move on? Do I need professional help? Do I get another pal? How long did some of you wait and when did you figure out what to do and when? All I know is that I am just lost without him. Is it wise to bring another little guy or gal into my life this soon? Any of your ideas would be more than welcome.
Thank all of you. George

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Jun 12, 2008

Don't expect to 'get over it' any time soon. I'm sure it will hurt for months, at least. When my favorite cat in the world died 8 years ago I visited his grave every day for two years. I still think about him frequently & while I still miss him, now I focus more on how lucky I was to have him for 9 years.

Don't ever consider forgetting him or even trying to push him to the back of your mind. I'm sure you want to remember every wonderful thing about him. Eventually you'll get more used to the idea of him not being with you and it won't be such a painful shock every time you expect to see him.

It may still be too soon to adopt a new pet but you might want to look a bit to get used to the idea. You may not feel inspired to adopt but sometimes an animal will pick you out and refuse to let go. I always like to believe that really wonderful pets would want us to rescue another animal and give them the wonderful life we've given the pet who has passed on. There are so many animals in need & so relatively few devoted 'parents'.

It's really important for you not to think of a new pet as a replacement for Copper. No pet will ever replace him in your heart. Maybe a new pet will have some behavior that reminds you of Copper. They would also have a bunch of their own special behaviors that will delight or frustrate you. Hopefully they'll provide you some pleasure and give you a little relief from your grief.

Hope some of this helps. I always wish I had a magic wand to make this easier for people.

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Jun 12, 2008

You really have to do what feels right to you. When I lost a beloved dog it took me a long time until I was ready for another one. Other people are ready much sooner. I think the advice you got from everyone on zootoo has been great. Try to keep your heart open and when the time is right you will know it!

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Jill R.

Jun 13, 2008


I am very sorry for your loss. You are going through a horrible time and we can all understand how you feel. There is no recipe to how one heals, some people take a little longer and that's completely normal. I would recommend that you try speaking to someone at a Pet Loss Hotline, they can definitely give you the support you need.


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