Q: Tickles doesn't like Her food?

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Tickles is now in a foster home at rescued paws she likes the other cats but hisses at the kittens she doesn't want to deal with children she was isolated for awhile but now is aloud in the entire house the vetrenarian put her on diet food cause she is healthy but she is overweight but Tickles doesn't eat much and doesn't like her diet food very much she seems to only like kitty treats of course thats what she was use to at my dads house was getting lots of treats she didn't eat her food there much either though and now of course I will always know her as Tickles cause I gave her that name but they call her Daisy May at her foster home but I am getting off track here let me ask my question How can Tickles foster parents get her to eat and enjoy her diet food? P.S. The vet said treats are not aloud until she looses enough weight so that she is a proper kitty weight?

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Nov 24, 2011

Treats are high in calories. That definitely shouldn't be the mainstay of a cat's diet. The best way to change foods for a cat is to transition them slowly over a period of weeks by mixing the new and the old together and gradually cutting back on the old food until they're exclusively eating the new. Are they feeding her dry or canned food? If they're feeding canned, they can try warming it in the microwave. Always test it to make sure it's not too hot. 5 seconds is usually enough. They might try drizzling a little tuna water, fish oil, or salt-free broth, or mixing a little boiled egg into her food. Then gradually cut back on that as she gets used to eating the food. Don't leave food out. If she won't eat it, pick it up and try again later with fresh food. Knowing that the food isn't always going to be there sometimes triggers them t eat when it becomes available. Always serve fresh food, especially when feeding canned. Stale or dried out food may cause her to avoid the food altogether. If all else fails, ask the vet to suggest another brand of low-calorie food. There are plenty of options available.

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daryl b.

Nov 24, 2011

as usual kelly is right. mixing new with the old used to kind adding more and more new as time goes on. the problem is if she gets adopted the new people may not want to go through that. i have found the old saying if they get hungry enough they will eat is not a given. i have seen animals starve rather then eat what they don't want.

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