Q: Terrier / Chihuahua Ear Flop at week 16... help fix my baby!

August 7, 2010 | By Matthew | 2 answers | Expired: 2001 days ago

Terrier / Chihuahua Ear Flop at week 16... help fix my baby!

OK so I know nothings wrong, and I love my baby no matter what!!! That said... I miss her floppy puppy ears!!

At weeks 16 ( 3 days ago) 1 ear started to flop towards the back of her head, neck. We were visiting Boston, where she was super popular, and very petted by many people. The day after, I noticed the ear wasnt flopping right.

How can I correct this? Ive read that using a "breathe right" strip to 'brace' the inner ear can help... anyone have experience?

I kinda rescued her at week 8 from a crazy stripper in Las Vegas, and her demon children who tortured the poor pup. I was told that shes "english terrier" and "teacup chihuahua." Not that it makes a difference, but after the fact.... i googled the strippers email and found that she was sellin all kinds of different breeds of pups... i guess a puppy mill. So who knows what my baby is! But she def does look chihuahua terrier.

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daryl b.

Aug 08, 2010

be carefull of those breathe strips a friend of mine got cancer on his nose from one. i don't know if you play with her ears but if you do that could be the cause. she is real cute either way

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Aug 16, 2010

I have a terrier as well and his ears do some pretty crazy things once in a while. I usually just fix his ears back into place or he'll do it himself. It's usually not a big problem.

It's important to know that dogs with floppier ears are known to get infections so I would say just check them over once in a while. On terriers especially, there are some prime hiding spots for ticks and other nasties in the folds of their floppy ears.

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