Q: Teddy And Shorty?

March 29, 2011 | By Ches21 | 2 answers | Expired: 1767 days ago


What can I do? Shorty is my foster cat he is younger than my own cat Teddy and the two where doing better until the other night Shorty beat up Teddy again and nothing in their lifes has changed at all. But Shorty has started beating up Teddy again plus neither one of them is sick I know that for a fact already cause I talked with a vet so what should I do?

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Apr 05, 2011

Unfortunately, some cats just don't get along & this may be one of those cases. You can try to separate them & then reintroduce them slowly. As soon as any aggression is noted, put the aggressive cat in a time out. Then start over with introductions later. Make all their times together pleasant experiences so they associate being together & not fighting with the good feelings. Feed them in the same room & praise the good behavior. Again, if there's any aggressive behavior, put that cat in a room by themselves. Use play & toys. Get out the wand toys & let them chase the feathers & play as long as there's no aggression. Reward good behavior with a treat. You may do all of that & end up with cats that get along, or you may find that Shorty either just doesn't like Teddy or he may not like any other cats. I have a foster who doesn't like other cats & has to live separately from them. I tried everything several times, but all he wants to do is attack. There are other people on zootoo who have or have had the same issues. Some cats just have to be "only" cats. Be sure the shelter you're fostering for knows it if that is the case. My foster is listed with the stipulation that he can't live with other cats, but dogs are fine.

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Apr 03, 2011

Either Shorty just wants to play or he doesn't get along well with Teddy. If Shorty is clawing Teddy, then he most likely doesn't get along with Teddy, in which case you should probably separate them so Teddy doesn't get hurt.

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