Q: Teddy and her food?

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Teddy is my 17 year old tortiseshell cat she gets soft food and has to eat hers in a chair next to the table it's hard to keep an eye on her when she is done eating Skitters will jump up and snatch it even if we tell her no there is no where else to feed her and Shorty is on a special diet since he is allergic to fleas if he eats her food it will make him sick so they are fed sepretley but Skitters goes after Teddy's food and will not listen to us when we tell her no even though she is healthy and a good weight when ever the cat food is near she steals it like she is starving to death she has her food in the kitchen and gets a treat every now and then and we have tried even hot sauce but she eats the hot sauce no problem, So how do I keep her out of Teddy's food?

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Sep 26, 2011

It sounds like Skitters needs some training. She needs to be taught "leave it", "no", and "down". Until she can leave Teddy's food alone, she should should be removed from the room when Teddy is eating. Either put her in her crate or in another room behind a closed door until Teddy has finished her meal. And work on that training so that eventually it will only take one firm command from you to make her stop before she starts.

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Sep 26, 2011

I have the same problem with Tosca going after the cats' food. Though in her case, she has put on weight over the years from her food thieving. Like Kelly said, you should teach the leave it command, but you must teach a very strong command to keep Skitters out. Some dogs will take better to it than others, but focus on it for 3-4 weeks and then determine the progress. With Tosca, I've trained her to stay out of the kitchen while the cats' food it out, but it's just too tempting. Now she just waits until they're done before trying to sneak it, which gives me a chance to clear the bowls before she goes after them.

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