Q: tax write off for foster/rescue?

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my boyfriend and i are more fosters than anything, but we do rescue all of our cats ourselves and pay for everything out of our own pockets. just last year alone i've estimated the cost of our fosters to be around $1000.
we take in strays off of the street, take them to the vet, care for them in our home, and find them good forever homes. we keep records of everything. each cat has a folder for vet receipts, adoption contacts, and anything else an adopter may want to see.
we even have a name, logo, and website.
so we were just wondering...can we get a tax write off for this? and how would we go about doing that?

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Gail S.

Feb 25, 2010

IRS Publication 1771 and 526 are good resources and specify the deductions that are allowable and what is necessary to claim them. You can find both publications on line at the IRS website. You may want to incorporate your "charity" as a non profit. That may be of a financial benefit when you complete your taxes and also may help you to solicit community donations to help you continue your volunteer efforts with cats. Good luck!

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