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zoe g.

I am going to be moving soon, to a smaller negihbor hood than what I'm used to. it won't be all that bad, but with all the hubub swirling around the place.... I very depressed.... my younger brother does not quite under stand the conscept of my parent's divorce. They have been married 14 years, and I'm upset, sad, etc. the boxes, the packing, everything. any thing to help me cope with this???? its tearing me apart.... (p.s. Don't listen to the types!)

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Jun 20, 2009

sorry you and your brother have to go thru this. It is hard I know But realize your parents arent divorcing you two. Theylove the both of you. They probably cant live together now. I'm sure its tearing them up to even though it brobably doesnt show. Adults can hide things very good as not to upset you and your brother. When my husband and I divorced we had an 8 year old daughter It was very hard on her to she cried alot. WE were both there for her, in time we did more as a family than we ever did while we were married. Sometimes situations change you just have to make the best of it , and always remember they will always love the both of you that is the one thing that wont ever change. Keep you chin up and good luck

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Jun 21, 2009

I'm sorry about that but what does this have to do with the adoptions of animals and the zootoo site?

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Wendy C.

Jun 22, 2009

Sorry you are going through this, but you know what? You'll come out at the end a grateful person knowing BOTH your parents love you and your brother. Sometimes Mum's & Dad's come to a point in their lives when they can't live together any longer without making things worse for themselves and the kids in the house, it is for the best, you may not think so now. I know, I've been the kid and I've been the parent, my kids are stable (kind of), well balanced and full of fun, they have grown up knowing the love of both parents.
Good luck with the future, now what was the horse question???????????

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